DENSO makes a spark plug for every personality – from 100,000 miles to 150+ mph!

For almost seven decades, DENSO has been an innovator in spark plug technology for drivers around the world — from professional racers to daily commuters, and everyone in between. DENSO offers everything from original equipment (OE) type spark plugs to high-performance racing spark plugs, plus our TT Series spark plugs that deliver more power, economy and endurance thanks to their Twin-Tip Technology. DENSO develops all our spark plugs in-house and manufactures them in our ISO 9000 certified factories worldwide with “zero defects” as standard.

DENSO Spark Plug categories:

TT Series spark plugs

TT SERIES: Includes DENSO Platinum TT and Iridium TT Twin-Tip Technology — these spark plugs combine Original Equipment durability with the power and torque of high-performance spark plugs.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE SERIES: Includes DENSO Iridium Power and Iridium Racing high-performance spark plugs—they provide maximum spark energy under the most extreme automotive, motorcycle, powersports, and nautical conditions.

OE-type spark plugs

OE-TYPE: DENSO OE-Type spark plugs include our U-Groove, Double Platinum and Iridium Long Life plugs—all of which meet strict Original Equipment standards for reliability while delivering solid value.

How high is your spark plug IQ? Do you know which spark plugs are in your vehicle? Why does it matter? Because the right spark plugs can improve performance, durability and economy. And, DENSO offers a variety of spark plugs so you can pick the ones that best fit your needs.

Come back over the next few days while we dive deeper into each series of spark plug offered by DENSO and determine the right fit for you! We’ll kick things off next week with the TT Series…

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