Pro Stock’s Greg Anderson, Jason Line, and Bo Butner share who their superheroes are and who they look up to most in life.

Greg Anderson

“I always looked up to people like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Tiger Woods because they seemed like they were always able to do something no one else could in their sport,” Greg Anderson said. “They were so far superior than everyone else in their sport that I wanted to study how they got to that level because everybody has the same opportunity to be great and somehow, those three surpassed everyone else to me; it seemed like there was something magical about them.”

“I tried to learn from all three of them and go as far as I could with my career like they did,” Anderson added. “Tiger Woods has seemed to fall from grace the last few years but he was the best of the best back in his prime. If I had to name people that were my super heroes and people I looked up to, it’d be those three.”

While Anderson’s superheroes lie within the sports world, Bo Butner and Jason Line’s superheroes can be found right within their own families.

Jason Line

Jason Line pictured with his son and superhero

“My dad grew up in a poor family and he had nothing,” Jason Line said. “He didn’t whine about it and he didn’t complain. He worked and drug himself out of the hole and made something of himself.”

“My dad put racing in perspective for us,” Line added. “Racing is just a hobby for him and he always put his family and kids ahead of racing and for all of those reasons, that’s why my dad is my superhero.”

Bo Butner

Bo Butner with his superhero

“My dad is my superhero,” Bo Butner said. “He was born on the south side of Indianapolis with nothing and when his mother and father separated, he grew up in an orphanage for a while. He started with nothing and was a very hard worker. He was great at sales and he never failed. I know that’s tough to say but he became very successful but never let that get to his head. He thought of people more than himself and that’s tough to come by. That’s why he’s my superhero.”

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