Who is your superhero? It’s a question lots of people have to think about. Do they want the power to fly, run fast or have the coolest gadgets? But when we recently sat down with NHRA Top Fuel driver, Clay Millican, he quickly and easily answered the question.

“If you’re talking about the fictional world and comic books, my superhero is definitely Superman. He covers all the bases: He can fly. He can burn stuff up with his eyes. He can bend steel. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound. What is the saying? Look up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman! I mean you just can’t beat Superman. Lots of people say Batman, because he’s the Dark Knight. But that man can get hurt. Unless you come from the planet Kyrpton, you’re not hurting Superman. So I am a fan of Superman,” said Millican.

“But my real-life superhero, without a doubt, it’s Daddy. (Yes, we all call him Daddy.) You know my Daddy is awesome. He is 100 percent the reason why I’m a motorsports nut. Top Fuel is definitely my thing and I love nitro cars, but growing up we went to every kind of motorsport you can imagine. From Sprint cars, NASCAR, hill climbs, you name it. If it had a motor in it, we were there. I love my Daddy. I love all my family, but Daddy is my hero.”

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